Friday, April 1, 2011

KATE MOSS for love addict

oui,c'est moi et je poste un nouveau article encore.peut etre de nouvelle photos de moi bientot.pour le moment,je n'ai pas le temps encore une parle de kate moss aujourd'hui.elle fait la pub de dior"love addict"new rouge à lèvre pour la marque.c'est une grande modele je premiere.j'aimerais la rencontrer un jour,qui sait?la mode c'est notre passion.

yes it's me and i post today again.maybe i take new picture by me as soon?for the moment,i have i talk about katy moss now.she did a pub"love addict"  new lipstick by dior.she a biggest model in the world i found.the first.i would like to meet her a day.mode is my passion and her too.seriously she's perfect,nope?a day,a wish,i wanna see her and ask,"hey kate,would you be friend with me? "kate moss"love addict"  



augustalolita said...

she looks absolutely stunning and so sexy!!

pau said...

she looks so beautiful!!

Una said...

god i love kate moss, she is the most beautiful off all !!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i'm not that into kate moss but these are lovely pictures of her!

LA said...

Hot Moss! Love that girl!


Kaitlyn said...

Great post! And can I just say, your blog header makes me drool, haha. Love cupcakes! Thanks for dropping by my blog too lovely, come by again soon :)

x K

Sassi said...

I love kate so much! and this colour on her lips looks so amazing.


Sia said...

Love these pictures! You have such a cool blog. Love Sia x