Thursday, March 31, 2011

cupcakes and me

hello it's my new post,i make this because i'm busy and while a few moment i need to make it for to speak my passion.So do you like cupcakes my friends?i would like to eat one a day,i have anytime for that and i'm tried so i'm bad in cook.sorry but i'm like it.not good in cooking haha.But my passion it's cupcakes,love cupcakes,i'ts a life but i'm searching everyone who know to cook for me haha but look at this, awesome cupcakes and ring,tee shirt,and all!have fun! its really cute ,nope?

chocolate,creme,gloss,chamalow,rose des sables,florentins..



Oh to Be a Muse said...

the second photo of cupcakes looks so delish! i was at an event last night that had a very pretty cupcake stand--so yummy too.

Joanna K. said...

love your blog!!following you!
check out mine I'd love your opinion!