Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hello! It's Sunday and it's my makeup session! Every morning, I put a cream on my face so that my skin glow and look better. All my accessories are from Kiko; it's my favourite make up brand ever! (Well, I haven't tried any other brand and I don't feel like I need to either :D) Once a week, I wash my face with a mask to get a baby-like skin ! My clearcoat with kiko I take a little bit of cream on my fingers and apply it in circles on my face. Be careful not to use to much of it ! That's my daily skin care routine for a beautiful skin ! What is yours ? Remember to follow my facebook pageludmilladoll blog and my twitterludmilladoll for more events or post! lulu!

Monday, November 25, 2013

A great shoot with a amazing photographer !

A great shoot with a good photographer ! Amazing so I think it's beautiful,I'm not joking !He's make me feel like a beautiful woman. So i wanted to share pictures here with all,I seems a classic woman maybe just glamour in black! Thanx for your support and all ! lulu xx

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Grey Coat

Hello friends, Glad to see you for a new post today, I know I was not there but I needed news. Friday I had a special day for my shooping with my sister. I come back stronger, and to show you more fashion style! We are in November, it's so cold that I wonder if there will be snow! I'm not used to the cold but warm because I'm from the Caribbean. I show you a style that fits here, I'm wearing my coat with elegance and my leather gloves. I wear a white lace dress and a sweater, my black tights with my lovely boots. Have you seen my new haircut? I hope you like it! If you want to follow all my news, you should follow my page on Ludmilladoll blog facebook hoping that you will join me there! If you have any questions, come see me on my email! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spoiled Dolls

Today, I received an interesting mail in my mailbox. It was about bloggers and jewellery. Each piece of jewellery was more stunning than the last ! There was a jewel that especially caught my eyes. A beautiful necklace that inspires me a new look at the first glance. I would totally wear my favourite black dress with this wonderful necklace. There are awesome stuff on this blog and it's not expensive. It's a great deal ! On this website, you will find glamorous jewellery suitable for girls of all ages. Give it a try ! There may be a contest coming soon ! Check it out ! and find your dream lulu!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Today I woke up very late because this weekend I had nothing planned, then my sister and me went to see Riddick, and a walk is always fun, I could visit more this city ​​that is unknown to me. I took everything I could picture and then I came across this young man who was in the middle of bubbles instead, it was magical! I was happy before starting my return on Monday. I'm a little scared but I am confident friends! Of course as you know I took chips on the Mc do. I leave you and next time for another episode of my life,have you seen my new hairstyle? lulu!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

pink bear

pull & bear pants H & M sweater Today a new simple outfit this time, I do not like pink, but I wear it, it's weird right? I am slowly recovering from the death of my mother, I thank my friend and photographer soazig that has value to me on this post, I have a good time lulu xx

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

john lennon

 Hey ! this is my new post today,i take my time I know but it's better nope ? i like this style really,john lennon peace an love and others.Get the look there !

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hello friends! yet another post today, I had a very sweet photo session, I feel like being a princess at this level! I had this idea so that's a bit of sweetness here and avoid the strong style as they say. I also wanted to identify with my perfume "nina ricci" my dress thrives on h & m, a little lace represents all these things, I really love this brand! I only have this perfume in my closet so to speak! So I was able to do this shoot with my friend Eleanor who is very talented in photography! I am satisfied with the result! and you? I feel that being around happiness and sweetness. A dove fly here that would be perfect! but it is already there, you see? aha on my wrist Thank you again for coming to my blog, do not forget to follow me and I will do even thank you!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Arrivée à Paris

Hello friends! I'm in Paris, what a great city! everything is big, beautiful and expensive aha but I visit with pleasure, I love it! sweater with skull and Here are the places I visit and the Eiffel Tower,hamburger so good ! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Defilee de mode au palais de l'unesco,PARIS fashion week

Salut les amis ! Hier soir pendant la fashion week,j'ai assiste au defilee de mode de deux grand couturier auquel je peux vous dire le talent est incroyable car j'ai assiste à demonstration de fabrication de robe très rapide,en 1 minute,ce styliste a fabrique cette robe ! je suis impressionneé ! Mr jean michel roch ainsi qu'un jeune créateur qui nous a fait cette superbe presentation pour cette jolie robe très classe ! Beaucoup de mannequins ont ete formidable ! certains etaient debutant mais ils ont ete super sur le tapis rouge,j'ai de bons moment,j'ai pris beaucoup de photos et mon amie a filme tout leur passage .Le buffet etait bien dispose sur les table ce qui donnait une bonne présentation ! Il y avait aussi celui qui etait responsable de l'evenement claude daro gomis ! Je suis combleé de cette soirée pleine en rebondissement !merci encore une fois à l'equipe ! c'etait superbe ! Je vous convie à les suivre ! lulu Last night during fashion week, I attended the two scrolled fashion fashion designer I can tell you that the talent is incredible because I attended demonstration dress manufacturing very fast, 1 minute, stylist makes this dress! I'm impressed! Mr jean michel roch and a young designer who brought us this wonderful presentation for this pretty dress very classy! Many models have been great! were some beginner but were great on the red carpet, I have a good time, I took a lot of pictures and my friend filmed all their passage . Buffet was good has the table which gave a good presentation! There was also the one who was responsible for the event claude daro gomis! I filled this evening full of bounce! Thank you once again to the team! it was superb! I invite you to follow! lulu La robe dont je vous parlais avec son createur ! The dress I spoke with her creator ! Voici le buffet ! here the buffet ! me and the artistic Director, sorry if this is unclear