Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hello! It's Sunday and it's my makeup session! Every morning, I put a cream on my face so that my skin glow and look better. All my accessories are from Kiko; it's my favourite make up brand ever! (Well, I haven't tried any other brand and I don't feel like I need to either :D) Once a week, I wash my face with a mask to get a baby-like skin ! My clearcoat with kiko I take a little bit of cream on my fingers and apply it in circles on my face. Be careful not to use to much of it ! That's my daily skin care routine for a beautiful skin ! What is yours ? Remember to follow my facebook pageludmilladoll blog and my twitterludmilladoll for more events or post! lulu!

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chachahihi said...

des bons soins pour avoir de belles mains
gros gros bisous