Tuesday, November 13, 2012

bottes et jean!

Hey my followers how are you today?this is a crazy day for me! we're making a video for my school! i must stay still in place "la republique" and some people look at me strangely! so i understand but it's my project for school aha my friend toke this pictures!so what do you think?she's strong not? this is my new boots there and my jean shirt's that i bought in H&M!Oh it's my daddy birthday's today aha happy birthday dad!


Anonymous said...

You are soooo pretty !! Love this outfit ! ;)
XOXO , Candice

ludmilla doll said...

Thanxx ;)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Pretty scarf and happy birthday to your dad!

Anonymous said...

I love love love your outfit!